During the Worlds Championship event coming up in a few weeks, we are looking for volunteers to help in one way or another.  If you are not racing in the Worlds but would still like to get involved, then please fill in the attached volunteer form and email back to us.

The main event timetable is

Race 1: Thursday 11th September starting at 09:00
Race 2: Saturday 13th September starting at 09:30
Race 3: Sunday 14th September starting at 10:00

The Wednesday and Friday mornings are official practice and Friday morning is also a Lay Day.

If you haven’t got the facility to scan then please just email back stating which duty/duties you would like to get involved with and dates you are available.

We ask that this form is given back to us as soon as possible as we need to collate data

Thank you


Please click the following link for the Volunteer Form

There will be a thank you event for the Guard Boats, ground support, support officials and support team at Les Rocquettes on Wednesday 17th September at 07:30pm