The main shipping routes are from France or the southern coast of the UK. The services from St Malo, Poole and Weymouth use the Condor fast ferry and the service from Portsmouth uses the much larger (and slower) freight vessels.

Please see their web site http://www.condorferries.com for details of their ships and transportation dates and times. The main sailings are

UK / France to Guernsey

Monday 8th SeptemberTuesday 9th September
Clipper FerryClipper Ferry
09:00 Portsmouth to Guernsey09:00 Portsmouth to Guernsey
Fast FerryFast Ferry
11:00 Poole to Guernsey08:00 St Malo to Guernsey
12:00 St Malo to Guernsey12:00 Weymouth to Guernsey
13:15 Weymouth to Guernsey
17:15 St Malo to Guernsey

Guernsey to UK / France

Monday 15th SeptemberTuesday 16th September
Clipper FerryClipper Ferry
17:20 Guernsey to Portsmouth 17:20 Guernsey to Portsmouth
Fast FerryFast Ferry
13:30 Guernsey to St Malo15:30 Guernsey to St Malo
14:00 Guernsey to St Malo16:30 Guernsey to Weymouth
15:10 Guernsey to Poole
17:40 Guernsey to Weymouth

The Organising Committee have secured an exclusive deal on transport for Competitors to Guernsey, with ferry travel heavily sponsored / subsidised by Condor Ferries who have supported us for many years.

Bookings made before 31st August 2014 will enjoy the following amazing rates

  • Vehicle and up to two entrants- £100 return
  • Boat on trailer – £80 return
  • Adults (non entrants) – £45 return
  • Child (4 to 15) – £35 return
  • Under 4 – £10 return

Please note the Clipper slow ferry has a lot more capacity for trailers and large vehicles.

Please complete the following booking form and send it to Juliet Walsh at e-mail address Juliet.Walsh@condorferries.co.uk

Booking form: Worlds2014CondorFerriesBookingForm


Spectators are encouraged to support the event and are advised to book via the normal Condor Ferries reservations web site using public fares. Condor Ferries have very kindly provided us with a promotion code for spectators which offers a 15% discount. Please quote GSYUIM14 on all bookings using the Condor Ferries web site. The discount code section appears on the right of the page towards the end of the booking process.

The code can be used for UK / Guernsey travel from 7th September to 16th September.


Condor Fast Ferries

Condor Ferries Clipper

Condor Ferries Clipper